Firma W. Lewandowski

Company description:

The company \"W. Lewandowski\" P.H.U. manufactures single and double layered toilet papers, small and jumbo Rolls, kitchen towels; folder ZZ, industrial Mini and Maxi, paper abstergents, cosmetics handkerchiefs and napkins as well as household detergents. The products manufactured by \"W. Lewandowski\" P.H.U. are sold under the following trade marks BunnySoft, EkoSoft and EkoClean. They are characterized by rational prices and highest quality confirmed by numerous prizes.

Our products:

  • Contact details

    Address: Firma W. Lewandowski
    ul. Kopernika 5
    Łódź, 90-509, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 (42)6337212
    Fax +48 (42)6324064
  • Business hours

    Monday 08:00-16:00
    Tuesday 08:00-16:00
    Wednesday 08:00-16:00
    Thursday 08:00-16:00
    Friday 08:00-16:00
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed

Our products:

  • Professional chemistry

    Professional chemistry- as the one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in Poland we would like to offer the new line of professional chemistry products. It includes liquid soaps, dish liquid and window cleaners.

  • Toilet Paper

    The toilet paper under the brand BunnySoft is 100% manufactured from recycled paper in many versions: 230, 350, 500 pieces, single or double layered, in natural, white, pink or green colour. The product may be also be embossed and excise band.

Contact persons

  • Michał Drzazga

    Telefon: +48 (42) 633 72 12
    Fax: +48 (42) 632 40 64
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